It´s the little things in life that brighten up our everyday routine.

And this particularly applies during the darker time of the year. 

As autumn begins, our days get shorter and our evenings get longer. It’s the right time to make our HOME even cosier.

After a stressful day at work or time outdoors, we like cuddling up in our cushions and blankets in light autumn colours, whilst Room Poetry lights and porcelain lights softly brighten up our rooms.

Our stories for dinner tables tastefully accompany us through the autumn day. Let’s start with POESIE ET TABLE. BREAKFAST and warm morning messages.

Together with our loved ones, we are celebrating the evening with the beautifully shaped utensils and stylish accompaniments of our new POESIE ET TABLE. VINO APERO collection.

Cotton bread bags, wooden bowls made of untreated acacia wood and the bottle buddy made of cast metal look good on our tables.

We read, we plan and we work in autumn – our stationery makes organisation easier and makes us smile with innovative shapes and inspiring sayings.

For the special occasions of our loved ones, we always have the right accessories and stylish gifts.

And if we’re lost for words, our CARDS can speak for us. With their creative textures and special shapes, they speak from the heart.

And if the autumn wind is harshly blowing, attractive new winter scarves keep our necks warm.

One thing’s for sure: autumn is going to be beautiful!